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Our juice filling machines contain pet bottle juice filling machine、glass bottle juice filling machine、hdpe bottle juice filling machine、can juice filling machine and supporting equipment.

Our company has extremely rich experience and technology in the production of juice production line and juice filling equipment.

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Introduction of juice production line, working principle of juice filling machine in juice production line

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There are several kinds of fruit juice beverages on the market, including freshly squeezed juice beverages and blended juice beverages. Freshly squeezed fruit juice refers to processing the original fruit into puree, and then using the puree to process and dilute it. There are many kinds of original fruit, and the processing equipment is also different. There are two kinds of juice made from the original fruit: green juice and cloudy juice. Green juice is a juice with a relatively low content of juice or no fiber visible to the naked eye. The material can be precipitated by specific equipment to produce a clear liquid. The cloudy juice juice drink is to retain the content of the juice, and the purpose of the cloudy juice is to use the components in the original fruit.

The processed juice can be temporarily stored in the storage tank directly, add an appropriate amount of sugar, additives and water, and pour the juice into the tank according to the proportion. The blending system made of 304 stainless steel reaches the food hygiene level. At the same time, the high-speed motor stirs the material quickly. of dissolution. After the dissolved material is filtered by a double filter, it enters into homogenization and degassing. Both homogenization and degassing are made of 304 material, and the pipeline valves are all sanitary. The function of homogenization is to make the particles in the juice more evenly suspended together, and the function of degassing is to ensure a longer shelf life and prolong the shelf life.

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Juice filling system, the way is to drive the bottle by air. The bottle feeding method also adopts the method of locking the bottle mouth, which is beneficial to the operation of the bottle. At the same time, it is compatible with the switching of various bottles, and the flushing module adopts 304 stainless steel shelves and pipes. The filling temperature of fruit juice beverages is relatively high, so when considering the filling of beverages, it is necessary to consider the filling machine with high temperature equipment. The equipment adopts high temperature resistant liquid cylinders and valves, and also adds a thermal insulation system. Fruit juice beverages are filled faster with micro-negative pressure. The cap is made of red copper and the capping head is used to form a cap twisting structure, according to the tightness of the bottle. The magnetic force can be adjusted according to the requirements, and the drop device at the bottom can be replaced after filling a variety of beverages.

After the juice beverage is filled, the product needs to be packaged in the latter part, and then the bottle body needs to be cooled down. If the temperature is too high for a long time, the nutrition of the product will be easily lost. At the same time, after the bottle comes out, the bottle body will sweat and water. The expression is not easy to stick to the bottle. If it is not in the position of the sleeve label, it is necessary to cool the bottle. The tunnel-type multi-stage cooling is used for cooling the bottle. The bottle is cooled in the form of spray, while the water spray section For multi-stage circulating use, the water pump circulates into the spray from the lower water tank liquid cylinder by means of strong pressure.

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